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What are you waiting for to digitize your company’s financial services with us? At AskLogix we will provide you with secure, tangible and scalable solutions for the growth of your financial business – we are innovative with our intelligent cloud CRM services! With us, your business process automation will be taken to the next level.


When you hire us, our professionals will provide you with agile solutions to change the management of your company. You will also benefit from the implementation of the Salesforce platform. Our specialists are CRM masters dedicated to the success of your financial projects. And if that’s not enough, we have marketing and business management professionals waiting for you!


At AskLogix we are experts in customizing and managing your business in Salesforce. We provide you with comprehensive service plans in the cloud that will help you excel in CRM, sales, customer service and marketing. So if you’re looking for a successful Salesforce implementation, we’re your best choice! 



Do you want to optimize your entire organization based on customer satisfaction? Do you need CRM software and management specialists to automate your processes and promote your sales? We’ll help you! At AskLogix we will give you flexible and innovative solutions, through Salesforce and AIs technology.

By contracting our plans, your company will benefit with:

  • Strategies and frameworks: our team will proceed with the digital and strategic transformation of your company. We guarantee you total success in the digitization of your projects.
  • Project management: AskLogix specialists will work your projects with innovative interfaces, IT teams and Salesforce implementation for the improvement of your sales, marketing and CRM.
  • Configuration: AskLogix has certified Salesforce consultants. Your company will be in expert hands that will create designs tailored to your business needs. On top of that, your users will benefit from maximum convenience and added value. 
  • Development: If you want your business to thrive, look to the AskLogix development team. We are platform developers in Salesforce and its interfaces, so that your company reaches the highest score in CRM. 
  • Change management: if your company needs a boost in project management and internal modifications, we’ll support you! AskLogix professionals will provide you with responsive and skilled support, both with your employees and your customers. 
  • Maintenance and technical assistance: another great benefit of engaging our services is that we will provide you with quality technical support. Whether it’s documenting your company’s processes, managing the CRM cloud or implementing new practices: we’ll take care of it all!


Boost your financial services with us. At AskLogix, we are committed to optimizing all your business processes, so you can thrive. If you are looking for CRM solutions, we are the right ones for you! Don’t wait any longer and invest in our cloud services and financial management software.

In this way, we assure you improved sales, improved productivity, more efficient communication channels and an improved overall customer experience. With our intervention, your customers will become loyal to you and you will be able to outperform your competition, thanks to our customized automation plans.

We also have years of experience and are trusted by our prestigious institutional clientele. AskLogix has streamlined processes for asset managers, investment banks and other firms. We are innovating and providing real solutions on the Salesforce platform, using AI technologies. Contact us and start digitizing your company!


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Asklogix est un éditeur de logiciels CRM, basées sur la plateforme Salesforce, et conçues pour les Services financiers..

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