Benefit N ° 1 – CRM Hedge Fund: Quality customer follow-up

Collect and organize data relating to customer interactions

A quality customer follow-up is important to improve the customer experience. In other words, a customer-focused marketplace is achieved by learning more about the customer’s needs. Do you want to achieve this, but don’t know how? Look no further, read on for more details.

Building good relationships and following up on prospects and customers is crucial to acquiring and retaining customers, two imperatives at the heart of the CRM function.  Here we will discover 2 Salesforce features that enable it:

1. View your activity history in the activity timeline.Salesforce activity history

It’s like a centralized activity control point for everything related to the records you are viewing.

All calls, questions, negotiations and interactions of prospects and customers are recorded and accessible to the entire team through a contact management system.

This allows the sales and customer service teams to be more efficient in terms of follow-up, progress of cases and customer history.

In addition, you can view reports and dashboards on your interactions with customers and prospects. And also set up alerts like neglected accounts.


2. Integration of information collected on social networks including LinkedInSalesforce Integration of information collected on social networks including LinkedIn

With the integration of social networks and contact management, it is easy to know who knows who, who is talking to whom, who are the key players and influencers to contact and thus get an idea of ​​who will be able to do the presentations.

Salesforce / LinkedIn Synchronization is a feature that allows Sales Navigator to associate LinkedIn profiles (members or companies) with leads, contacts, and accounts in your CRM.

You too can achieve the right quality customer follow-up!

With the right tools, realizing your business dreams is possible. Remember, however, that customer quality monitoring must focus on improving every day: complete customer relationship management is at your fingertips.

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