Benefit N ° 2 – CRM M&A : Get a 360° view of your customers

How can you achieve a 360° view of your customers?

A 360° view of a customer is a collection of all your customer data in one place. Let’s discover 2 main CRM features that enable this 360° view:

1. Client Reporting & Document ManagementClient Reporting & Document Management

With increasing sophisticated requirements from customers, managers are required to deliver personalised and tailored investment reports.
The need to store documents across the investor and investment lifecycle. That is, client reports, attribution and risk reports and so on.

Firms want to centralise the document storage. In the same way, they seek to control versioning, manage both the structured data (e.g. performance) as well as unstructured. And they need to see all this information against an investor record.

2. Single Customer View, Insight & DashboardsSingle Customer View, Insight & Dashboards

The ability to see a single Investor and underlying holdings. CRM M&A can provide the integration layer across back office systems (integration or view).

This is what is often called the “single point of entry”, which is to say that your CRM becomes the “authoritative source of data” the place where people go to see client data with confidence.

Get a 360° view of your customers

With your CRM it is possible to get closer to your customers and take advantage of the potential within the database that is available there. In other words, productivity, product marketing and actionable insights in the marketing area will be improved.

Therefore, having a 360° view of your customers is the gateway to recovering and generating important links. It is not just a simple system. On the contrary, it is one that facilitates communication, optimizes performance and enables the automation of a company that wants to succeed.

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