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Benefit N ° 3 – CRM Hedge Fund : Better engage your investors with personalized Marketing

Align Marketing and Sale to retain and gain more customers The investor servicing team needs to regularly distribute information to Investors. Information such…
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Benefit N ° 2 – CRM Hedge Fund : Get a 360° view of your investors

How can you achieve a 360° view? A 360-degree view of a customer is a collection of all your customer data in one…
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Benefit N ° 1 – CRM Hedge Fund : Quality customer follow-up

Collect and organize data relating to customer interactions Building good relationships and following up on prospects and customers is crucial to acquiring and…
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Why CRM is a “must-have” for Hedge Funds?

Currently, the Hedge Fund Industry is in a state of change where today's industry field is becoming extremely complex, regulated, and more competitive.…
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How Blockchain will change the Financial Service industry?

Defining the blockchain without discouraging its listener from being interested in it is a difficult exercise, but it can be characterized as a…
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Why a CRM solution is a “must-have” for Banks today?

Many leading banks are pouring tremendous resources into transforming the customer experience, often with mixed results. These include, among other things, a consistent…
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What are the AI challenges in the Financial Services?

Banks are gradually seizing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies as a way to reinvent themselves as digitization transforms their relationship with customers. Launching a…
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Why Hedge Funds are moving to the Cloud ?

Not surprisingly, many firms – including those with well-established in-house infrastructures – are making the move to the cloud for a variety of…
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