Key Features of a Family Office CRM solution

An effective CRM Family Office is one that can help in the management of multifamily or single-family investments through a secure and fast platform. Understanding the need that exists today in this regard; many have been the proposals presented by the large software companies. The novelty is that each of them has plans or proposals necessary to distinguish themselves from the competition.

However, for a CRM Family Office to be really useful both for a specific company and for customers it is necessary to have certain types of services. Talking about CRM Family Office is referring to its management purposes, which allows this type of systems to provide a more optimal service.

Here some of themes:

1. Management for research

The best applications linked to the CRM Family Office contain a research management system, which requires quantitative and qualitative information, reporting tools and document management. This allows us to carry out a deep research work that will yield good results.

Thanks to this, you will have the opportunity to manage diligences through a centralized database. But also, tag and share necessary documents for linking and organizing funds. In addition, it allows you to locate the best data searchers, so the research process becomes much more successful.

2. Management of the portfolio

This innovative system allows the subscriptions and the reimbursements of any investment. It is also ideal for managing any capital commitments to carry out non-liquid investments and to model cash flow projections. Another point in favor is that it guarantees the possibility of tracking and notifying about the terms related to liquidity. Moreover, with the scenarios and calculations.

An ideal CRM Family Office’s feature for a portfolio management system is one that also studies current investments and keeps asset allocations under constant monitoring.

3. Management of contacts

In this regard, it is possible to highlight the possibility of creating a perfect database to locate information on investors. This includes documentation, email and activities related to the CRM Family Office. In this regard, it must be affirmed that notes, calls, meetings and documents can be traced. It is also important to synchronize emails and contacts through an efficient Outlook integration system.

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