Why Hedge Funds are moving to the Cloud?

Not surprisingly, many firms – including those with well-established in-house infrastructures – are making the move to the cloud for a variety of compelling reasons.

Cloud hedge funds

With the introduction of Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud in 2006 and Microsoft Azure in 2008, the organisations started moving away from traditional CAPEX model off investing affront and owning the dedicated hardware and software. They now prefer to use a shared cloud infrastructure and pay as one uses it, popularly known as OPEX model.

OpenStack and cloud computing

In 2010, OpenStack, an open-source cloud-software initiative made cloud computing more popular. New technology brought high-capacity networks, hardware virtualization and service-oriented architecture. This has led to a growth in cloud computing. Cloud technology converts a ‘virtual office’ into a ‘true mobile office’. Using a laptop or tab, they can access all the fund’s data, intelligence and work files from anywhere any time.

Some projections by hedge fund managers

According to Greenwich Associates, hedge funds could get cost reduction of more than 50 with cloud deployment. Cloud computing industry is growing at an exponential rate of 50 per annum.

As technology enhancements continue, made and more business applications get added. Cloud computing gives a competitive edge to hedge fund managers.

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