Main Benefits of Marketing Cloud for Financial Services

Seducing investors for investment funds is not an easy taskMarketing Cloud

To speak of Marketing Cloud is to allude to marketing automation. Undoubtedly, a holistic view of the customer is increasingly necessary to offer an impeccable service. It is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either.

And the Internet and social networks have changed investor expectations and behavior. The investor now prefers to do his own research and does not appreciate the commercial solicitations which never fall at the right time.

To meet this challenge, you must put in place a relevant inbound marketing strategy of which educational and persuasive content will be the central element.

The objective is twofold:

  • Grab the buyer’s attention by researching the Internet.
  • Feed your prospects by thinking of bringing them to maturity.

Some essential keys to a successful charm operation with Marketing Automation are:

Key # 1: Understanding customer behavior

Integrating the concept of broad investor behavior into your strategy is a fundamental concept that you cannot escape. When we talk about “behavior” we mean knowing the identity of the target prospect, what motivates them and how they act in their buying decision.
In this regard, the B2B purchasing process has evolved a lot in recent years due to a deep need for prospects to understand the information given to them before calling on a sales representative.

There are the 3 stages of the customer journey, which break down as follows:

  • Discovery of his need: “I am aware of my problem and I am looking for a solution,
  • Consideration: “I know how to name the different solutions and I compare them,
  • Decision: “I make sure of the seriousness of the seller before placing an order”.

Key # 2: Define targeted and measurable objectives

We recommend that you work on your marketing automation goals with an additional level of detail. A targeted and measurable objective is established to meet them by focusing on:

  • It is attached to your roadmap (global strategy)
  • Clearly communicates the outcome (who, what, how much, when)
  • It allows you to determine the best method to achieve this.
  • It tells you when it is reached

Our preferred method (and the one we use) for setting goals is the acronym for SMART goals, ie:
Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

Key # 3: Align the marketing team with the sales team

If one of the objectives of marketing automation is to improve productivity, it also aims above all to generate qualified leads for sales, through a coherent and synergistic purchasing process.

A flattening of the qualification criteria is therefore often more than necessary to agree on the definition of the prospect and the ideal client.

To engage your reflexion on Marketing Automation, you can start to Ask  yourself:

  • What are the inclusive and exclusive criteria of a contact to be considered a qualified prospect (or not) ?
  • Do you know the definition of a lead from a sales and marketing perspective?
  • What are the triggers for a prospect contact? From a prospect to a qualified prospect?

At the end of your marketing automation campaign, we strongly recommend that you analyze your performance. You no longer have an excuse for not doing this, as your marketing automation tool automatically generates reports for your entire campaign.

As we said at the beginning, marketing automation is closely related to the Marketing Cloud. It is a valuable tool to learn more about long-time customers and win the preference of potential customers. Learn more about Marketing Cloud, marketing automation and CRM systems. We are here to help you succeed.

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