Marketing Automation & CRM Tips for Family Offices

The Family Offices don’t seem to be the best candidates for marketing automation at first glance. Indeed, they are generally small companies with a wide range of offers, complex services and above all with a very personalized service.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation For Family Office

Yet, managing a family’s wealth requires a great deal of trust, which you can only build through effective communication and knowledge of your client’s needs. This is where marketing automation can come in. Discover in this article some tips for effective marketing automation for Family Offices.


Have a website

Above all, having a website is essential for any company and Family Offices are no exception.

The website offers the possibility to discover the Family Office, as it acts as a showcase and a gateway to the Family Office. But some may think that a wealthy person will not search for a wealth manager or advisor on Google. In fact, this is not true. If we think about it, we all go to Google for everything we look for.

The most important thing is to design a Family Office website in a way that highlights the Family Office’s personal values and other important information. Indeed, including features such as a plugin for Calendly, will allow visitors to access the Family Office’s schedule and find an appropriate time to make an appointment.


Have a content marketing strategy

Family Offices aim to demonstrate a high level of knowledge of their business. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of investors in Family Offices.

In most cases, investors demand confidence and expertise. Family Offices seek to demonstrate how they make investment decisions based on financial and ethical considerations. As such, content marketing serves as a vehicle to communicate these points.

Through content marketing, a Family Office can demonstrate outstanding expertise and create a personal brand. Blogs, email marketing, promotional and informational videos and social media are all effective content strategies for Family Offices.


Make full use of a CRM tool

Being a Family Office, you need to better understand your clients. With a Family Office CRM, you have full access to all the information you need to automate your marketing and make informed decisions.

While CRM systems are not usually part of a Family Office’s toolbox, the right CRM can bring a lot of value to your business. However, the right CRM can provide real efficiency benefits for the Family Office and help with reporting, organization, automation and effective communication.

Indeed, CRM systems are designed to organize large amounts of relevant information in a digital format. The first priority of a CRM system for Family Offices should be to centralize information about family members, legal entities, outside professionals, investments, assets, documents, bill payments, business opportunities, etc. in a single electronic space.

Indeed, investing in a CRM has many advantages, including the following:

  • Customer segmentation
  • A centralized database
  • Communication management
  • Automated data entry

However, it is important to ensure that the CRM is designed specifically for Family Offices or wealth managers, and not for brokers for example.


Automate Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your Family Office and communicate about your services. This is because an automated email marketing campaign is created once. And then sent to specific people based on the criteria you set. So when you automate your emails, you can send them at predetermined times to customers without your intervention.

In addition, the main benefit of automated email marketing is the ability to segment customers and prospect databases into groups. Allowing you to automatically customize messages to each group based on specific statistical data.


Bottom Line: Why is Marketing Automation Important For Family Offices?

Marketing automation is rapidly gaining ground in the financial services industry in general, and in Family Offices in particular. Indeed, Family Offices are beginning to change their business models. And They are also integrating various technologies into their operations, such as marketing automation. These advances have the potential to help Family Offices achieve greater efficiencies in their often complex and highly customized operations. This, in the short term, while helping them develop long-term services.

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