Salesforce Consulting Expertise

We help companies to implement Salesforce : Cut Operational Costs & Streamline Workflow.

Salesforce pour les services financiers

Get the most out of Salesforce solution!

We focus on Salesforce consulting, implementation, support and other services aimed to maximize Salesforce potential for business.
 Based in Paris & London, we operate throughout Europe, supporting our customers in the digital transformation of their processes and the implementation of our Salesforce-based solutions.



Our expertise is, above all, based on an understanding of your business and your processes. 
The implementation and integration of our solutions are based on an Agile methodology as well as change management dedicated to your company.
Reinventing customer commitment is paramount in the financial services industry. Our solutions based on the Salesforce platform - the world leader in Cloud CRM - offer integrated sales services and marketing solutions recognised by the world's largest banks.

Salesforce-certified experts at your service

Asklogix is also an expert consultancy in the customisation of Salesforce. Our people-oriented, mid-sized company is made up of CRM specialists: project management teams, marketing teams and technical teams fully dedicated to the successful implementation and use of Salesforce.
Asklogix offers a full range of services for a successful Salesforce project.

Strategy & Framework

Digital transformation, strategic review, business design; we contribute to the 360° success of your digital transformation projects.

Project management

At the interface between the IT and Sales and Marketing teams, we have developed expertise in the implementation of CRM projects.

Set Up

Our Salesforce-certified consultants tailor solutions to your business needs. The final design solutions offer users the necessary convenience and maximised added value in their daily contacts with customers.


Our certified "Platform Developer" experts are involved in customising Salesforce and interfaces.

Our instructors are committed to providing you with responsive and qualified support as well as for the training of your employees. We help you to boost  users' Salesforce adoption. Discover how 

Maintenance & Support

We provide high quality support (sandbox and production), personalised development and enhancements, documentation and implementation of best practices.