Key benefits of a CRM solution for Family Offices

Nous ContacterWhen a Family Office or a manager is working with an individual investor or that person’s family, follow-up is an essential part of the relationship. Everything is based on trust and personalized customer care. Behind account management, there is important work related to tax compliance, asset management, document management.

There is no single way to keep all the information you need for portfolio management. If you want to keep all the information of your customer by using modern methods and easily accessible to your employees, the CRM is the tool that you must use.

With CRM Family Office as Ask Family Office Logic, you easily centralize, qualify and share customer data with your employees. Each one contributes directly to the enrichment of the knowledge of your customers and their environment. You can manage your contacts more easily thanks to customizable sheets for each client, you model the links between people. You have at your disposal the details of all events thanks to a detailed history of emails, telephone exchanges … You can assign tasks, make appointments or manage documents more easily.

CRM Family Office has also a reporting module with many criteria, personalized reporting, the import of data in different formats or the consolidated view of the client’s assets.

The main features of the CRM Family Office are:

  • Investor Portal 360 ° is a new digital savings experience with one-click access that allows:
    •  Aggregation of customer bank accounts with vision of assets and liabilities
    •  Integration of client portfolios managed by wealth management structures
    •  Entitlement management according to family structure of the patrimony (i.e. Trusts)
    •  Chat with the Manager
    •  Private digital safe with shared space with the manager
  •  Consolidated 360 ° CRM for the manager
    •  Strengthening customer knowledge with an adapted CRM:
    •  Raising relevant customer information (liquidity events, etc.) from the web and social networks to strengthen customer knowledge
    •  Updated simplified asset balance that communicates with the portfolio management tool
    •  Alerts that can be set to comply with regulatory constraints
    •  Integration of customer emails
  • Simple and intuitive mandate management tool
    •  A portfolio management tool adapted to your Private Manager activity:
    •  Consolidated or detailed view of your accounts receivable at all your custodians
    •  Customized management, profiled or with model portfolios
    •  Rebalancing portfolios
    •  Order management and arbitrations
    •  Risk Management and Alerts

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