Key benefits of a CRM for Private Equity

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A CRM for Private Equity solution can radically change the way you do business. In other words, in the competitive marketplace, as entrepreneurs we must always innovate. However, we often don’t know where to start. Therefore, in this article we will tell you the benefits of a CRM for Private Equity. Let’s get started!

As a Private Equity professional, you have specific business processes related to the preparation, fundraising and investor relations monitoring of this fund. Consequently, a CRM solution for Private Equities helps you to optimize Front Office activities. Also, it provides essential functionalities to manage prospecting, managing and monitoring the activity.

The main benefits are:

• Combine the strengths of CRM and the efficiency of the deal flow management and analytics processes. In addition, solid CRM solution helps you to animate your network. On the other hand, it allows you to find new investment opportunities, analyze them and develop your equity investments.

• Save time by feeding CRM from your business tools. Therefore, a CRM solution as Salesforce allows you to stay in touch with your ecosystem (leaders, investors, partners) through a collaborative exchange platform.

A CRM Private Equities contains 2 key features:

1. CRM and deal flow tracking

  • A CRM Private Equities allows you to manage all your contacts (natural or legal persons). So are their related relationships.
  • The software provides accurate tracking of information relating to companies: description, managers, shareholding table, documents …
  •  Manage all your pre-investment phases (due diligence, committees …). Also, benefit in real time from a synthetic view of your deal flow.
  • Conduct simulations and investment projections to assess the potential impact of a prospect on performance

2. Management of the activity

  • A CRM Private Equities offers numerous dashboards and detailed situations for a real-time view of investments that allow managers to steer the activity.
  • The performance calculations (multiples, TRI …) are carried out automatically at the dates of the desired situations, taking into account the flows to date.
  • Simulation tools and projections of future flows make it possible to build different scenarios (pessimistic, optimistic, neutral) on prospects, participations and funds.

Looking for a CRM for Private Equity solution? No doubt, we are the right ones for you. We seek to provide the tools to create a customer-focused marketplace. For this, automation processes are necessary, as well as a correct Customer Relationship Management.

Do you want your CRM for Private Equity strategy to be effective?

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