Key benefits of a CRM solution for Merge & Acquisition Firms

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Many companies are unaware of the benefits of a CRM solution. So if you want to make a difference in customer relationship management, you’ve come to the right place. Our experts at Aslogix delve into the benefits of a CRM solution. Let’s get started!

5 main benefits to use a CRM to Manage your M&A Process

An innovative and robust CRM solution can help to manage a M&A firm better through best practices, process flows, and consolidating data into one central location. A purpose-built M&A CRM software, can allow you to manage with a single comprehensive platform, the process from pipeline management to due diligence and post-merger integration.

These are the 5 main benefits to use a CRM to Manage your M&A Process:

#1 Enhance the collaborative work with all stakeholders

M&A is a collaborative effort that requires all parties and stakeholders to work closely together during a set period of time. During due diligence for example, the buyer and seller need to keep an open line of communication. In this way they will be able to quickly exchange information and documents with each other when necessary.

With a purpose-built CRM for M&A, you will be able to manage your projects, project tasks, and documents better using for example Salesforce platform:

  • Real-time alerts, updates, and reminders, always keeping you up to date on your deals.
  • 11-stage transaction management process and supports multiple transactions per buyer/seller.
  • Quickly summarize opportunities, transaction expenses and activities.
  • Supports your complete deal lifecycle from finding prospects to winning their business.
  • A Single, Seamless integration with Outlook/Gmail, mobile devices, Capital IQ, Preqin, and hundreds of other applications.

#2 Track and monitor all interactions with stakeholders

Track and report on interactions of all types of communications between your company and your contacts. For example, communications can be by letter, fax, email, telephone, meetings, and so on. In this way, you will be able to track the sales and marketing efforts you have directed to your contacts. Additionally, you will improve your future business interactions with them. Setting up your CRM M&A to record interactions consists of these tasks:

  • Connect to key decision makers faster with social networking integration & e-mail tracking
  • Centralize interactions records so everyone sees the same information. Your CRM M&A tool will help you to see the full client picture right away.

#3 Increase marketing effectiveness with campaign and event management

Expect more and more M&A firms to leverage both technologies as they upscale their marketing efforts in the time ahead. As M&A advisors become increasingly marketing-focused, they need software to send mass emails, newsletters, thought leadership pieces and signed deals. However, many are not sure what type of software to buy. This is because they come in so many labels such as marketing automation software, mass emailing software, email campaign software, etc.

If the goal is to send out deal announcements and, maybe, a quarterly newsletter and not much else, you’re better off sticking to a simple system that can send mass emails. But if you’re further down the sophistication curve, there is some more due diligence required.

For instance, marketing automation software will tell you when a LP opened your email or visited your webpage. On the other hand, a platform like Salesforce pairs that data with the investor’s fund preferences, allocations, co-investments and all past correspondence.

All this information collected across various channels will show exactly how and when each individual has interacted with you over time. This allows you to “score” each recipient based on the action they take so you know who is more highly engaged.

#4 Benefit from visually persuasive dashboards

Once M&A firms begin using CRM, they can utilize dashboards and reports to get an overview on important deals and to make informed strategic decisions.
The CRM for M&A Overview dashboard gives managers at a glance an overview of future business coming down the pipeline and the existing status of ongoing Transactions.

For example, a chart can display a Sales Funnel which shows the amount of potential revenue coming down the pipeline within each stage. Another chart can show the number of active Transactions and what stages they are currently in.

#5 Predict new opportunity with AI CRM capability for M&A

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is influencing every aspect of the global economy, including investment banking. The growth of big data opens up opportunities for Investment Banks in terms of sources of information. On the other hand, the development of Artificial Intelligence can turn this information into answers.

A CRM with AI capability like Salesforce can be used to predict opportunity in M&A. Leverage decades of insightful data using investment banking league tables, a purpose-built M&A CRM software allows you to monitor deal flow, identify market trends and gain insight into your competitive positioning within any region, asset class or industry vertical with flexible levels of granularity.

The benefits of a CRM solution are here!

Proper customer relationship management is essential to win potential customers. Therefore, with the right technological tools, an optimized approach to customers and prospects can be achieved. All dreams can come true with the right tools: never lose the courage to pursue them.


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