What is a CRM? Definition and use in companies


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A CRM is the art that companies have to create, develop and maintain relationships with their contacts, so that it is special, since customer relationships are the key point for these to be successful.

CRM solutions are offered to companies so that they can improve the processing and integration of their information system, to improve their services, as this is precisely what CRM disseminates and exchanges, thus promoting collaboration between the different departments of the same and work synergistically.

Thanks to CRM, companies get a broader view of how to manage the relationship with their customers, so that the actions they take with respect to them will be the most successful, thus promoting their efficiency. 

Not only should CRM be seen as a means to optimize a company’s processes, but it should be thought of as a solution that allows them to quickly gain an advantage over their competition, which will increase their sales, keep their customers with them and give them greater visibility in the marketplace.

Uses given to a CRM in companies

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With CRM software, companies can solve different aspects in it, to better relate to their customers, so among its uses include the following:

Manage Leads

One of the capabilities that a CRM has for companies is to manage their potential customers, thus avoiding duplication of data from different sources of information, because it is a comprehensive system that will allow them to align their marketing and sales plans.

Manage customers

Also, a CRM will manage the current customers of the companies that can interact through several ways with them, but being all that information unified in one place, something that was not possible before and that in many occasions was not even done. Even when there were several files of the same client. Today, brands have an easier way to manage their customers, because they integrate in one place all the channels where they have interacted, allowing a transparent view of their interactions. 

Managing opportunities

The success of a CRM software is based on increasing a company’s sales, so increasing the visibility of the opportunities they have given them a greater chance of making more sales, compared to before they started using it.

Creating Customizable Control Panels

With the use of customized CRM dashboards, companies will be able to manage real-time decision making in a faster way, thus speeding up their daily processes. So everything will depend on the functions included in them, such as the number of calls that have been resolved, the opportunities that remain open, among others.

With all this information, to require a CRM software for your company, you just have to contact one of the experts in the area, for your request.

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