Key Features of a M&A CRM Solution

Salesforce is an accelerator for IT or business leader whose business is aggressively growing through mergers & acquisitions. M&A and business value professionals debate in this video the best practices in synergy using Salesforce tools as well as how to successfully manage future synergy :
Video Salesforce M&A.

5 Key Features of Salesforce M&A 

  • Real-time access to information, in a simple and transparent way, from any device and anywhere. This results in many advantages for companies with different physical locations, in different provinces or countries. Commercials, field technicians or any employee who needs to travel benefits from the information in the Salesforce cloud. Huge functionality that allows you to optimize business processes from the capture until the closing of the sale through sales cloud.
  • Granting its customers the best comprehensive service using the cloud service, optimizing campaigns and communications through Marketing Cloud. Salesforce includes thousands of standard features to make it easier for users to work.
  • Maximum flexibility that allows you to adjust processes quickly and easily. Facilitating, therefore, the continuous improvement and innovation and the alignment of processes and systems.
  • Based on the Salesforce M&A platform, it provides tools to adjust and evolve processes in an ultra-fast way, for example, adapting the required information or creating automations to avoid errors or to reduce recurring or unproductive tasks.
  • Enhanced Collaboration. It allows different teams and departments to interact with each other and exchange information within the tool itself, it is an interesting benefit of Salesforce M&A.
    For example, a presales team does not have to be directly linked to opportunities but is subject to availability.Sales teams could see the availability of the same through shared calendars, share with them the records (account / opportunity / etc required), communicate the details by chatter, etc.

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