Why a CRM solution is a “must-have” for Banks today?

Many leading banks are pouring tremendous resources into transforming the customer experience, often with mixed results. These include, among other things, a consistent focus on value, ensuring the customer’s significant role in any transformation, and the ability to Salesforce scale a program.

The potential benefits

The potential benefits range to offering more dynamic money management, relevant and rapid optimization and faster value realization.

What does Salesforce offer?

Salesforce promises include those: a dashboard accessible to all employees who need it, providing a holistic view of the information available on each customer (from identity to products and services subscribed, through the history of the relationship) and allowing real-time collaboration. For example, between a consultant and a mortgage expert.

What are the obligations of financial institutions?

Financial institutions are required to optimize their risk management, as well as the transparency of information communicated to customers. Managing the liquidity of the liabilities, ensuring the transparency of the assets managed by the customer or complying with the prerogatives of MiFID are all issues that will be much easier to answer with an efficient CRM / BI system.

Cost reduction

Reducing costs also exacerbates the need for pilotage. The mastery of P&L is more than ever on the agenda and some institutions are led to think about their business orientations:

  • Which are the most profitable customers?
  • What products do they buy?
  • Is my offer adequate?
  • Is my target customer the right one?

Again, answering his questions requires an effective CRM / BI device. The scope of a CRM device is therefore much larger than it seems. That is why it makes it possible to address a large part of the major issues that financial institutions are currently facing.

The field of intervention of the CRM By interfacing with the operating systems of the company (OMS, PMS, Management Control, Product Repository, etc.), or a Datawarehouse using Business Intelligence tools.

CRM can even become the one of the main tools of management of the company.

Despite the reluctance related to the reputation of CRM projects, often seen as extremely difficult with a high potential for failure, CRM is more and more, one of the major challenges of financial institutions.


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